Friday, May 7, 2010

Touching Home - Ed Harris

I saw Ed Harris. I stood within inches of Ed Harris. I had my photo with Ed Harris (though it turned out pretty bad because he turned to speak to someone). I could have touched Ed Harris, but what an intrusion that would have been for him, and his fire-breathing dragon-lady PR person/bodyguard was aiming at me.

What happens when you pass your camera off to a stranger
who can't take good pictures! I was telling him to wait.

See, he wasn't ignoring me, just listening to The Twins.

I went to the opening of Touching Home and I really loved the movie. I'd seen The Twins two years ago at the premier at the San Francisco Film Festival. I didn't see the movie at that time, but I shook hands with Noah and Logan. Now, I've got their autographs in the book they wrote, whatever significance that may have, but, best of all, I got to see Ed Harris in person and see Touching Home.

It was extraordinarily emotional for me to witness the movie, knowing it was their true story and knowing they were acting in it and they were there, in the room. I didn't sit there bawling in my seat, but felt privileged to witness two men, laying their hearts open, honoring their father and the love they have for him, despite his alcoholism. It was seeing two men pull out and remember the best of a broken man, when they could have ended up walking in his footsteps and no one would have blamed them.

Logan and Noah Miller signing my book, "Take 1". I guess since they are twins you can put the two partial faces together and see what they look like! And this stranger's girlfriend bragged what a good photographer he was. Not!

Take 2 is a little better!

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