Thursday, July 15, 2010

Finger Print Disaster

I had an appointment yesterday at my local police station to have my fingerprints done again as part of renewing my CIS paperwork and updating my homestudy. After this update is complete, I will have gotten fingerprinted 9 times, I think, since I began this process!

Anyway, they were running behind, which is common, but then one of my daycare tots started vomiting in the stroller. Luckily, she was in the front seat or I would have been cleaning two kids. I tried to get the fingerprint man to hurry, but when he saw I had two form, one for Social Services (homestudy) and the other for my agency, he said I needed two back-to-back appointments. This guy is old, very old, slower than anything, not efficient in his methods and loves to explain things in three different ways three times! He then said I could get one set of fingerprints done, let the people after me go, then have another turn. I was so furious! By now a half hour has passed. Can you imagine what the vomit smelled like by now? Luckily, the little tot had fallen asleep, but she was covered in chunky 5 heave vomit, cleaned up with only paper towels from the public restroom. I walked out. I had to. I did make a complaint first, though. I'm going back tonight - no kids - can't wait to see his face if he wants me to use corn husk lotion. I did it the first time and discovered I'm allergic to it!

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