Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A Hunting I Will Go

While sitting outside Saturday and Sunday nights, enjoying my fire pit, friends and s'mores, I got a glimpse of the route the local wildlife take to my garage. They go across my patio roof, right under my windows, across the top of the gate, onto the roof of the garage and from there, inside. I heard and saw rats! In the back by the fence, I also caught a streak of light grey, like an oppossum.

This morning, I went into the garage and saw that some things had been knocked over and that there was a rather large critter poop where there shouldn't have been. I figured either racoon or oppossum and tonight, I heard noises in the garage and went in and saw an oppossum climbing on one of my baby strollers.

It was nearly midnight but I called the non-emergency police line to see if animal control can help. The dispacher said that the police normally don't respond to this kind of call but that since I'm a licensed childcare home they would come out, but, they were very busy and it could take hours.

I heard sirens in the distance and gave myself almost an hour to wait before phoning to cancell the call. I took all my strollers out of the garage and still couldn't find the critter. I'd left all the doors open when I went to make the initial call so it could have left already.

However, tomorrow I will begin some ultr-serious clean-up and hunting. I think it's time to call a professional pest control company, too. Rats are one thing, but that oppossum poop was as large as a cat's and smelled vile!

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Karen said...

OK K. This might sound odd, but couldn't you just secure the openings to your garage with screens? Or is that already in the plans?