Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I-600A Time Again!

More paperwork. More fingerprints - three sets! Letter from CPA proving income. Proof of medical insurance. Homestudy renewal, and more. This is going to run over $1000.

On a positive note, there is a rumor that CCAA may have matched families logged in up to May 10, 2006 when the next referrals come out.

For those of you who are not in the international adoption community, the I-600A is the form I have to fill out to apply to bring an internationally adopted child into the United States. This will be my third time around with this form since it expires after a certain number of months. I paid for the original application and had one free renewal last time. This time I pay for it again and I was told that there aren't any more free renewals.

Now, a lot of people automatically assume that the majority of adoption expenses go to the child's birth country, but that isn't necessarily so. In fact, due to the long, drawn out process I'm in right now, the majority of my expenses are occurring in the United States. The two big in-China expenses will be travel expenses and the "donation" to the orphanage where Apple will come from.

If a woman in the United States had to pay cash for a hospital cesarean birth, the cost is about the same for adopting from China.

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karen said...

Did the agency contact you yet? We were told they would start again in September for ours.