Saturday, July 24, 2010

Social Worker Coming Tomorrow

Since I moved, my social worker has to come visit in order to update my homestudy as part of my I-600A renewal. Unlike a lot of you, it seems, I love my social worker. Everyone with my agency has been absolutely fantastic; it's like they are all members of my family. I couldn't ask for a better support and guidance team.

I'm looking forward to showing off my new home. It's such a far cry from my little apartment.

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karen said...

Good luck, K. You'll do fine. I really like her too. I've liked all three SWs that our family has had between both adoptions.
My only wish is that our agency wouldn't plow thru co-ordinators so darn fast. I think we've had 3?? or 4?? of them since 2007. And two others while we waited for our first daughter 2004-2006. That's an average of 1 or less per year. :-(