Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A Successful Hunt

One juvenile oppossum, caught in a box and relocated to the neighbor's yard.

This morning I called my city's animal control office only to be told to call county Vector Control. I did, and left a message. Meanwhile, I began my hunt and clean up and, man-oh-man, have the rats been having a party in my garage. I also found two more large critter poops and two pee puddles.

The good part of all of this is that the final pieces of furniture that the previous owners left in garage are now one. I put them on the curbside one by one and they all were taken within minutes. The list includes 2 antique chairs desperately needing recovering and refinishing, an antique dresser needing refinishing and some repair, a kit-built butler (bench w/ attached coat rack), and two lawn chairs that I don't like or need.

Bit by bit, I moved things, sprayed bleached, swept and shop-vacuumed rat waste and shells from nuts and seeds. Finally, a wiskery face appeared and I was able to guide the oppossum into a large cardboard box with a broom. Then, I called Vector Control and reached a live person only to be told that they don't come take animals that have already been caught. They only come if they get to do the catching. What kind of messed up policy is that? On their advice, I called my city's animal control again and they told me that they, " longer euthanize wildlife," and recommended that I let it go and that, "'d climb a tree and take a nap and not return since it's now learned that my garage doesn't have any food or water."

My neighbor has a large yard that is a not being used at all and on the farthest side from me is a large tree so that's where I released it.

It did solve a mystery, though. I lost a large branch off my plum tree and now realize that the oppossum must have been climbing the tree and, with all the ripening fruit, it couldn't hold the weight and snapped. That's why I saw a flash of grey the other night, it was eating all the fallen fruit!

I've been intending to cover all the holes into my garage with metal mesh, but it's a huge chore since I need to clean the rat mess away first, and rat waste is disease-ridden, toxic filth. There are also a LOT, like TONS, of little openings where the rats can get in and they have. I think I'll be calling a handyman for this job because it's a big one.

In addition, I need to prune the fig tree that they climb that's up against the garage and will have traps put out to stop them from reaching the garage from my patio roof. Something around the trunks of the trees is also necessary.

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Hi Kim,

It's Cheryl. I love reading through your blog. I can picture it perfectly! We are coming up to SF July 31- Aug 4 and I would love to see you. I don't have any way of getting in touch with you, please email me at and let me know if you will be in town and how to reach you. Hope to see you soon!