Monday, August 9, 2010

Apple's First Mommy-Made Diaper

Step 1: Clean off sewing machine table.

Step 2: Cut fabric and begin assembly.

Step 3: Complete assembly and start to get excited.

Ahh, the finished product!

Okay, so it really took more steps that that. This diaper is a knock-off of a very expensive diapering system that is very popular right now. One of my daycare babies uses these and I've grown to like them a lot so I drafted a pattern from one and made the knock-off. I deliberately made an exact copy for this first diaper but for the rest I plan to simplify the inside pocket area. I will be using this diaper system along with my own PooPockets, which are a bit more eco-friendly.

More details on the knock-off diaper:
The diaper consists of two parts, the part that you see and a removable absorbent inner pad. The part of the diaper that you see has the outer (the nice lavender with the snaps) which is made of a thin waterproof fabric and is lined with an inner microfleece that will wick the wetness away from the baby to the inner absorbent pad that is inserted between these two layers. The whole diaper is used once, washed, then reused, but when laundered, you remove the inner pad. This makes it cleaner to wash and faster to dry. The outer is best hung to dry so the waterproof layer doesn't break down in the dryer. You can also add as many absorbent pad layers as needed, less for regular use and more during naps and at night. The snaps are used to change the size of the diaper. It is adjustable to three different lengths without getting too bulky.

PooPockets diaper are all cotton and used with a waterproof cover made of the same fabric as the above diaper. The only difference is that the cover can be used several times (unless soiled) before laundering since the diaper is changed each time. This means you only need a few covers, which are made with the high-tech polymer fabric, and then several cotton diapers, which are greener to produce and are biodegradable when no longer in use.

I've made hundreds of diapers over the years, for design purposes, sale, for fun, even for my hypothetical future child. But this particular diaper is the first I've made for Apple in particular.


wzgirl said...

Fantastic! Great job, AppleMama! Your work is beautiful & your confidence enviable!

Kim said...

Is that a kawaii knock off? I ended up ordering those for Natalie when she wouldn't potty train. It is a good design for a skinny kid I think. I like your purple better than my yellow :)

K said...

They are B_u_mG_enius knock-offs, and so are the Kawaii diapers and others like these. BG was first with the snap-to-size. Like, Kawaii and many other knock-off designers, I did simplify the back pocket opening, but I still like the flap over it because in the wash, the dirty water and "floaties" will get into the pocket and stay there without it.

Rick L. said...

Hi Kim - It has been a long time. I am glad I checked in on your blog this morning. You do such beautiful work! You were one of my favorite people when I use to frequent PFC. I need to go back sometime - haven't been there in several years.