Saturday, August 28, 2010

A Heartsent Afternoon

Today was my agency's annual party for all families who have used their services. In the past, it was called An Asian Afternoon, but now that my agency has so many domestic, African and European adoptions, it's now A Heartsent Afternoon.

We each bring a food dish from our adoptive countries and then there is a show afterward put on by one of the local Chinese dance troups.

Since I've been feeling bad this week, I wasn't going to go even though I really wanted to, but then I saw Catherine's referral day videos and just had to drag myself out and have some Apple Time. I'm very glad I went. I stopped at an Asian market on the way and bought a few food items since I wasn't able to cook, and it was sufficient.

There were free teddy bears for the kids so Apple now has a super soft golden teddy bear.

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Karen said...

Sorry we missed it. I totally spaced out and went to visit my mom, and then my son and his fiance for the weekend. Scott would have been working anyway this year...Oh well, I'm sure we will still be waiting this time next year. :-) At least for a bit.