Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Revenge of the Dead Tooth

What do you get when you have the worse migraines ever for five straight days, a tooth ache that feels like three more teeth need root canals, and ear ache that throbs, and a sore stiff neck?

A flash infection along the nerves that started at the site of the root canal!

I had no idea that infections can run along nerves. I kept waiting for my face to swell and get tender or my gums to puff up or ulcerate or something, but no, the infection runs along the nerves throughout your head, spreading and travelling until you thing you'll pull a Tom Hanks on Castaway and yank out the offending teeth with your own ice skates or pliers. When those thoughts ran through my head and sounded reasonable this morning, I knew I needed to call the endodontist. They kindly gave me a prescription for antibiotics, offered me one for a narcotic pain killer starting with Vic, which I declined and I regret a little (I've never tried it and don't know if it will knock me out or loopy or what) and soon I will feel much better. Apparently, I'm in the luckly 20% this happens to.

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