Friday, September 10, 2010

Fashion Friday #26

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Karen said...

These fashion posts take me back to when we were waiting for Cady. I was an avid ebay shopper. I would type in "24 mo LOT boutique" (or fill in the months). OMG I got so many barely used or NEW clothes that way! Almost everywhere we went, people would say, "where did you get that outfit?" or "you always dress her in the cutest clothes". Funny enough, when I would tell people I found it on ebay, a lot of times people would scoff. Oh well! They can pay their $500 for the same lot NEW that I paid $30 or $50 for that lot barely used or new thru ebay. More power to them. Of course, i was picky, that was the fun of it. And sometimes I would get surprise items tossed in to the box just because they wanted to get rid of the items.
I'm ALL for the bargain. And hey, some of that stuff was already a year or two outdated from the boutique brands. You think Cady cared? And guess what, Melody isn't gonna care either, because most of the items are still in top condition. LOL just gotta make sure when we take pictures it's not in the same clothes as Cady wore at picture time.