Thursday, September 16, 2010

Jie Jie: Next Step

My agency has confirmed that I am eligible to do a concurrent adoption from China of a child from the Waiting Child List. The list is a list of children with special needs of all degrees as well as healthy older children.

A concurrent adoption will not change my adoption of Apple. I will maintain my place in line for Apple. It won't expedite it or slow it down. However, I will not have to submit another dossier. The concurrent adoption will "ride" on Apple's dossier, apparently.

The ultimate question in the adoption equation is, "What is best for the child?"

There are advantages of being an only child and disadvantages. I've imagined life with just Apple and I have imagined life with Apple and Jie Jie. Honestly, it's easier imagining a future life with both girls. I can only imagine Apple as the younger sister, too, not the older one. This is very surprising to me since, until three weeks ago, the most likely second child scenario involved a domestic adoption of a newborn after Apple's been home for awhile, something I haven't really contemplated, but thought would be my only option.

The next step is to go through a process to help me learn more about it. This Sunday just happens to be a class on older adoption at my agency, run by MY social worker. These classes are arranged specially when there is a need. I find it more than coincidental that there is one of these classes right away. I don't like to think of these kinds of coincidences as "signs," but rather as miracles or blessings.

After the class this Sunday, my social worker will give me something she refers to as homework and reading recommendations. Then we will meet. I am very glad for this. The decision to adopt Apple was easy and clear since I heard the Still Small Voice so clearly and many miracles and blessings paved the way. The idea to adopt Jie Jie feels like it came from me, rather than God, but it's strange that as I type this it feels wrong, that it did come from Him. Either way, though, I know His blessing will be over it since I am praying diligently on this matter. To have help is this decision from my agency support system is important to me since it's such a HUGE decision. I feel better knowing I'll have guidance and a process to go through that will dedicate serious time and effort to thinking about Jie Jie and what's best for her. I would appreciate your prayers, too, specifically for:

Knowing if adopting two children is right.
If so, to be able to know my daughter when I begin looking on the list regardless of her age and ability/disability.
That all things necessary for a smooth adoption happen (money, timing, etc.)
That out transition to family life be a smooth as possible.


Eliza2006 said...

I am SO happy for you! Can't wait to see how this will unfold. Got your message. Would love to chat sometime. My time is SO limited right now (crazy at work because it's the beginning of the year). talk to you soon!

foreverfamily said...

WOW! a man stopped us in a crowd the other day to ask about our son and told us his friend is flying right now to pick up his child in China. They did what you are thinking of doing. Sometimes the still small voice isn't a voice but a really good feeling and answers to prayers aren't dramatic they just seem like a natural solution and just make sense.

Kim said...

Two girls would be so much fun :)