Sunday, October 10, 2010

Excellerated Plan

I have a new home improvement plan. No more waiting to do all those little niggling chores. I'm starting with all the doors that stick or don't shut properly. As has been my path of home improvement, I continue to have trouble with tools. Yesterday's project involved trimming off the top of a door that wouldn't fit into the frame. I've already purchased and returned one planer that just didn't work and today will return the other one I purchsed because the instructions say to hone the blade before use. I don't have anything to hone it on!!! I tried my jig saw and the blade was too light for the job and protested horrifically. I always end up using my circular saw, which is my scariest tool. The affordable ones have the blade on the outer side so it's hard to see exactly where I'm cutting. The good ones (I'm just craving a 5" one with the blade on the inside so I can see it) are expensive but I might just spring for one since I use it so much and want to be safe.

Today I'll do the garage doors that were damaged/swollen at the bottom from so much rain last winter. They won't close because of it. I'll take them off, saw them down and seal the bottom with the stuff I used on my play structure.

The good news is that I finally used my orbital sander and I LOVE it! It will make doing the dresser a breeze.

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