Monday, October 11, 2010

Giddy and Smiley

I am positively blooming inside. I feel fluttery and happy. I don't know my child yet, but I am very, very, very ready to fall in love!

I did the bottoms of the garage doors today. They were HEAVY! Once I managed to get the off their hinges and wrestle them to the sawing area, I thought I'd done the hard part. Nope. Getting them back ON the hinges was super hard. The doors weighed more than I do and they are wide so every time I'd manage to get one hinge lined up, the second I reached to get one pin in, the door would fall off. The first door was so hard that I almost gave up and didn't do the second one. Light was fading fast and I was determined (will power is a serious force in the universe!) so I did it. Getting the pins out was super hard because of the rust and paint but sawing them and getting them back on was much easier than with the first door. After a year of not being able to close those doors, it was immensely satisfying to do so today.

I do love this nesting, I am beginning to have better focus. I've needed that because my brain has been so much all over the place I'm sometimes paralyzed into inaction.


~Kristen said...

Hi K...
Just saw your comment, for some reason blogger never emailed it to me??
My agency currently does not have access to the shared list, so the "special focus" program cannot apply to me... sadly.
Good luck to you!!

Christel, Jerry, Alex and Anthony said...

Go Girl!!!!!! I am seriously nesting now too!!!! :) you gotta' go read my newest post!!! You are going to die! :)