Tuesday, October 5, 2010

New Program Uncertainty

My agency, along with all the others across the U.S., is trying to figure out exactly how the new CCAA adoption program works and where there is wiggle room. It seems like every agency has a different interpretation.

I dropped by my agency yesterday to speak with the agency head about my intentions for my concurrent adoption. She is going to have her coordinator in China find the right person to speak to in order to get the real scoop. I don't know how long this will take.

I've discovered that there are tons and tons of children I could easily fall in love with. There are so many things considered special needs that just are not because they are completely correctable with surgery. I'm utterly astonished!

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Karen said...

Isn't it just amazing??? I never understood why CCAA relies on agencies to have their own interpreters for changes that take place. Why not hire someone WITHIN CCAA to interpret the meaning behind the changes, and then spell it out in English so that there is NO room for error? These are lives, and families at stake. It's so hard to take a leap only to find out that the agency then says "OOOPS we made a mistake in the interpretation."
A few months back, I had written to you and thought that the second round of paperwork had a free extension based on the wording from CCAA. On the upside, the person in charge of China looked into it for me and found that you DO get an extension, but it is not free, and she was very good at explaining it to me. So, even though she is fairly new, she does get to the bottom of things, and seems very good at what she does.
Keep on keeping on. :-)