Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Social Worker Coming Tomorrow

I know I just had my homestudy updated in July, but it was to renew my I-600A. For those outside the adoption community, this is the application to US immigration to bring an adopted foreign child into the country.

Tomorrow's update is so I can amend my homestudy to say TWO children, one with special needs!!! Then I amend to I-600A to say the same thing.

My original homestudy has the words, "minor, sugically-correctable special needs," and I want to keep that in there in case my Apple has something that's discovered at the medical exam.

I also found out something that I'm very relieved to know. Because I'm using the I-600A and not going the Hague route, I can get an exemption for all those vaccinations required by the US for children over 2 years old. I've heard of some kids having up to 6 shots in one visit! I cannot tell you how dangerous and inhumane I believe that to be!!! Fortunately, there is legislation on the table right now that Hague families are hoping passes by Thanksgiving that will eliminate this.

I'm fighting some virus given to me by one of my daycare kids. It's sapped all my strength and I'm going to bed now!


Karen said...

Are you being charged for the "new" new update? Just curious.
Good to know you won't have to bring her thru their updated system, even if she is older than two.
I also used to think that many shots were dangerous, and I think back when my 27 year old was a toddler, it actually was. However, I was relieved to find out that they no longer use lead in the vacs, and because of the new way of processing it all, there is no more risk in 6 shots as there would be in one shot.
My concern is more the devastation the child must go through in that kind of procedure. Cadence was home for 3 months before we "re-vaccinated" her, and did blood tests for anemia and other possible red flags to her health upon coming home. And she freaked out at the sight of a white coat.
Yes, we did re-vaccinate her after coming home. I was concerned about the possible outdatedness of the vaccines she received in China, and frankly did not trust that they did them all correctly. We were assured then, by two doctors, that there was no higher risk in re-doing all of them. She got 4 in one day, and it was hard on her psyche. But she had me, and we were bonded after 3 months home.
She freaked out in China, at the doctor visit, and all they did was check her hearing, her vision, her mouth, and her reflexes. I couldn't IMAGINE what she would have gone through if they also had done four shots at that time.

K said...

I am being charged for the new homestudy update, but at the "basic" update rate, which was a pleasant surprise. Heartsent is being GREAT with me on this.

It's not the lead in vaccines I'm concerned about, it's mercury and whether or not they were stored properly, the fact that if a child reacts to one, we won't know which one, and the fact that our human immune systems aren't designed to build immunity this way and it's a definite overload to do so many at once, and the pain and trauma aspect for the child. Also, in giving a child fever medicine after vaccines, unless the fever has run for quite awhile, the effect of the vaccine is greatly minimized. This is based on a study that came out VERY recently.

There is also the risk of infection any time the skin is punctured. I'm not sure about now, but a year or so ago, a family travelled and reported that the ones giving the kids the vaccinations don't wear gloves.

There are many beliefs and data about the safety of vaccines and, from personal experience, I know they can have detrimental side-effects. I'm one of the few that gets very sick and sore after receiving vaccines and I have a scar from one that I received as a baby on my bottom. I also remember my youngest sister at 18 months being unable to put any weight on the leg that received her first MMR vaccine.

I plan to have titers done as part of the bloodwork. Titers measure immunity. Since bloodwork will be done anyway, I'd rather know what immunity she will have and not redo anything she won't need.

I would also never so many kindergarten "pokes" in one visit as is commonly done here. My SIL was a med-tech and hated when the kids came in for the kindergarten physicals and she had to do the TB test and vaccines. She said they all freaked out.

Christel, Jerry, Alex and Anthony said...

I agree with you K on the vaccines... i am sooo very relieved that we are still under the I600! whew!!! That is just way too many shots for a child! Well, for anyone imo. :) Its so hard on little ones' brains! It can cause mini strokes, and usually does, its just that no one recognizes them!

I am so excited to follow along on this new side-journey you are taking!! Yay!!!