Sunday, October 24, 2010

Thank You

I just wanted to thank all who have been following me lately. The decision to adopt concurrently is a huge one and I'm feeling the weight of it every day. Sometimes I'm giddy with joy and other days I'm shaking scared, mostly about money.

I have not found anything cute in the stores lately, which is good since it saves money, but I have some things I bought awhile ago that I'll try to post tomorrow.

I've been sick for 10 days with a very bad sinus cold and mild flu. I rarely get fevers when ill, but I did this time, but my sinuses are almost drained now and I'm feeling much, much better, though I did sleep half the day away today.

I wish you all could see how I am typing right now because it's typical. My cat Poppy is on my lap trying desperately to make me pet her. She writhes in my lap trying to get under my hands and when I don't stop typing and pet her, she reaches up with her paws and taps on my face. If that doesn't get my attention, she stretches up and puts her cold wet nose up my nose and nips my nose with her teeth. This behavior is repeated over and over and over until I'm finished typing. It's very annoying but so cute I can't complain.

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