Friday, October 1, 2010

What if...

...Apple isn't a baby? What if I find her on the Waiting Child List?

If I adopt two or three children, I wonder which one she'll be?

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Karen said...

I went through a similar Q&A anxiety when we put in hour application to adopt Cadence. I struggled with the age group to put on our application. We wanted an older toddler, but I was concerned that if we chose a cut off of 22 months....what if the Cadence who was in our hearts was going to be 24 months old when we were matched, and she was passed up?
Then I took a breath, wrote to a good friend who had adopted SN, and she told me not to worry because no matter what we decided, God would put our family together exactly the way it was supposed to be....If He had already decided that Cadence was going to e 24 months old, she would not be forgotten.
As it turned out, she was 14 months at referral, and 16 months old when we went to China. We had a lot of stumbling blocks to get our packet turned in, and for a very odd reason, her referral picture was from when she was 8 months old. Her paper work had been sitting and waiting to be matched for 6 months!! There was no real reason her papers were sitting in the matching room for 6 months. The only explanation I have for that was..God had matched us long ago. The timing had to be right for each of us to find each other.
And she IS a perfect match. I feel as if she is of my flesh.
So, long story short. She will find you, regardless of what order or where you find her. :-)