Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Car Shopping Successful

Yay! It's done! I have a new (used) car sitting in my driveway. It's a 2006 Toyota Sienna CE 8 passenger minivan. White. It already has a name. I call it The Pachyderm.

I'm thankful that I have great credit that allowed me to finance it...

...but, I'm hating going further into debt.

Want to know something funny? I have yet to see it in daylight! These pictures are from the dealer who sold it to me.

Come on a test drive!

I'll drive.

You sit here.

Center row.

Third row.

Like any smart pachyderm, it can do tricks.

It's even got some bling!

It's sure going to be nice this winter to have a heater. And, of course, windshield wipers that always work when it rains will be handy. I don't have to park it over a huge pan of kitty litter in the driveway to catch leaking coolant, transmission fluid, and oil. The radio and interior lights do turn off. The windshield does not have a crack. The door panels are securely fastened down on the inside. The bumper isn't cracked and about to fall off. I can see how fast I'm going and how far because the speedo cable is intact. The transmission doesn't slip gears either. It's got a working air conditioner, too. Wow, this is a total luxury car!!!


Eliza2006 said...

I'm jealous! That's my dream car!!! 3.5 more years with my corolla and then it's a van for me!

Karen said...

I love Toyotas. When my son was born in 83, I purchased a 77 Toyota Corolla, and sold it in 88. We now have a 99 Toyota Camry LE (Still purrs like a kitten), and our beloved 09 Sienna XLE. She has leather seats, I think 20 cup holders in all, some slide out. 5 compartments in the front, and heaters on the front seat backs......ohh la la. My PRECIOUS! All the debt we have ever had, I would go into debt for another in a heart beat.
Next year we are going to trade in the 99 Camry for a used 08 Camry probably. The body is starting to wear, but not the engine.

Your van is beautiful!

amphvivian said...

Congratulations -- you'll love it!