Monday, November 1, 2010

Update #1

It's in God's hands. The file was already locked by another family. However, I think this family contacted me for more information and I let them know my intentions and still offered to share what I know with them if they are truly, truly interested in pursuing this child.

If the family who locked the file doesn't take action within 72 hours, the file is automatically returned to the shared list.

Please pray the this child will end up with the best family, even if it's not with me.


foreverfamily said...

wow. we'll be praying too.

Amy said...

Came to your blog from RQ. Been thinking about little Sophie all weekend. We are not ready to adopt again (ok my husband is not ready i am)I am happy to see that Sophie will have a a family and I will keep her in my prayers. I know it is so hard to step back and see what God's plan is but just as you said it is in God's hands.