Saturday, November 13, 2010

Update #5

Keep praying, it's working! I have been in touch, via email, with the family who is considering the child of my heart. Yes, they seem nice, most people are, but...

They have not even seen the CCAA file! Not one single thing! Not even the picture of her affected area, pre-surgery! Their agency is holding on to everything until they get a medical update, which has taken two weeks so far without any word.

I emailed the family with all I know and they said they will wait and see what their agency comes up with and then make their decision. They have also agreed, if they don't go forward with this child, to ask their agency on my behalf to release the file so I can lock it.

God is definitely at work here!


Gille said...

Sounds positive!! Praying still!

Julie said...

Fingers are still crossed and hope springs eternal!