Wednesday, December 15, 2010

44 Months Waiting for Apple

When I began my adoption, my agency told me that the current wait was 24 months and getting longer. I never gave any though to how long "getting longer" would be. As I approach the four year mark in four months, I think the numbers are looking pretty long. The amazing thing is that is doesn't FEEL that long. I'm thankful for that.


Joannah said...

I'm so sorry the wait has been so long. When I tell others that I was adopting from China before I married Michael, I always stressed that I would still be waiting. The wait was just eight months when I started my paperwork.

Hang in there!

I will email you my address when I get home. I can receive emails, but I can't seem to reply to them from here. :)

Karen said...

The way I remember it was that we were told it was at a 16 months wait at the time, and was EXPECTED to go to 24 months by the time we were done. I'd been around that block already with our first daughter, so I thought I'd give it 36 months to not be disappointed. Well, here we are.
Some days are better than others. I do wish it would speed up though, for my first daughter's sake. She's waited SOOOO long. Imagine waiting for Christmas for almost 5 years! YIKES.