Thursday, January 27, 2011

A Calm Heart

I'm amazed at the peaceful calmness I have had in my heart since knowing I'd be able to adopt Jie Jie. This is different from the crazy way I'm living right now making the physical preparations with the bunkbeds still in boxes in the livingroom, her shelf in a state of being painted in the kitchen, along with the dresser drawers.

The moment I knew she'd be with me, a heavy mantle of worry was lifted off of my shoulders. For two long months I'd been worrying about her, wondering if she'd be okay with "the other family." Would they be patient with her, take her to the right doctors, love her, treat her with kindness, would any harm come to her, etc...

I can easily imagine her here, how my life will change. I've waited my whole life for what is about to happen. Her SWI knows because I've received a bit of info I needed in order to make certain preparations for her concerning her special need. I'm sure they are preparing her as well as can be done. I'm under no illusions that she will be as glad as I am, but I do pray that in her heart she will know that she is a child of God and that she is loved by many, no matter where she is.

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foreverfamily said...

print this post out and take it with you so you can remember on the long journery the "calm". You are ready!