Friday, January 21, 2011

Letter of Acceptance Arrived Today!

I may have been waiting four years so far for Apple and an agonizing three months for Jie Jie, but I'm going at warp speed now...

My Letter of Acceptance (Letter of Commitment, as I think it's now called) arrived today. I got the call from my agency at about 11am. I was able to go in today and sign it (it's a beautiful document!) and it was sent back out today.

Signing my Letter of Acceptance (Letter of Commitment)

Here it is, all ready to be sent back to China!

My Team: Nikki, Me, Karen.
A picture of me with Denise was too blurry to post.

My agency thinks that CCAA will try to process as much paperwork as possible before Chinese New Year, which is on Feb. 3 this year, and expect my Travel Approval to be issued in 3-4 weeks. After that, they expect it to take another 3-4 weeks to get a consulate appointment. They told me to be prepared to travel in March. Yes, they did say MARCH, but....... They also said to be ready sooner, just in case. And, they also said that, since this is happening so quickly, if I need more time to plan and/or prepare, that after TA is issued, I can take up to three months to get a consulate appointment.


B said...

Wonderful news!!! =) xoxo

Kim said...

Are you going to do the Beijing tour and stuff with this adoption or the second one?

Karen said...

Congratulations! That's big news.
Kim-our agency starts either in Hong Kong or Shanghai, for some reason.
Kimi- If they start in one of those places, I'm interested as well, if you plan on going to Beijing first. I think with our second adoption, we will add a few days beforehand just to tour Beijing, and then maybe visit our first daughter's birth city. We would love to see the Great Wall.

K said...

I would love to see The Great Wall, too, but I won't be able to make it on this trip. This trip needs to be as short as possible because of my daughter's special need, my pets and my work.

Next trip, I plan to go over earlier, do the tourist thing, visit Jie Jie's SWI again, if possible, then pick up Apple.

foreverfamily said...

WOW!! we'll be in town in March and would love to help in any way while we're there.