Monday, January 31, 2011

Present in My Inbox

This was taken by a family during their adoption trip when they visited the SWI on July 15, 2010.

I've discovered how much I love watching people's faces when I whip out my little photo album and show them Jie Jie's pictures. They want to see the pictures out of natural curiousity, then when they get that first glimpse, they look at me like they can't believe it. Then they look again and again. They are so surprised at how cute she is and simply melt, even the men, especially if they have grandkids.


Catherine said...

What a wonderful gift to receive from that family. Each and every picture is a treasure!

Jessica said...

She is Beautiful! I bet you also get the same shock that we get when we show off our referral pics. Our daughter is almost 3. I think people are expecting a baby and they are surprised that she isn't =)

K said...

Nope, no surprise about her age, they all know she's nearly 7, but very petite, before they see the pictures.