Sunday, January 16, 2011

I Started on HER ROOM!

Oh My Goodness! I have a TON of clothes in size 24 months and I LOVE all of them! I think I'm going to find that I have a good amount in size 4, too, thankfully.

Even though it's Sunday, I have only until tomorrow night to finish painting and stashing everything before daycare on Tuesday so I'm scrambling.

I emptied (almost) the closet, into the eat-in half of the kitchen. The bunkbeds take up the entire livingroom. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.

I'm having trouble picking paint. I want a pink, but not too pink. I bought three different colors and painted them on postboard and stuck it up on the wall here and there in the room and none were right. The room is a neutral beige right now so I could leave it, but I really want to make this room something special. Tomorrow, I'm going to get a same of the same color I had in my apartment because it was perfect. Then, I'll see if it works in this room, too. I've got no talent for picking paint.

Notice the beige walls

I'm going to use the window valances that came with my crib bedding set and go with a bit of a butterfly theme. When Apple comes, I'll switch rooms with the girls so I can fit a crib and a twin bed, then switch them back when Apple is ready for the bunkbed. Once the girls are on the bunkbeds, I'll change the theme of the room to something brighter and less pastel. I think the softer colors will be better for Jie Jie at first so she doesn't become overwhelmed.

Tonight at the store I bought a thing to hang clothes on with a zipped cover around it so I can hang the "clothes in waiting" in the attic and they will stay clean and nice.

Back to work for me...

Update, nearly 3am: Several hours later and I've been up and down the attic ladder carrying 12+ blanket bins full of baby clothes and more baby clothes on hangers, one by one and I'm pretty sore. I have sizes from newborn on up (pre-adoption stash) and a few of darling little shoes in all the little infant and toddling sizes. I like my older stuff better than my newer stuff! Now all that is left is for Jie Jie and I ended up having more size 4 and large size 3 that I'd hoped so I think I'm set except for things like underwear, socks and shoes (which I'll get in China).


Eliza2006 said...

Where did you get those bunk beds? I LOVE them! Have I mentioned how happy I am for you?

K said...

I got them at Cos*tco and they are on sale right now for $100 less than their regular price.

Kim said...

haha I get to tease you. You are going to put together that great bunk bed set and she's gonna want to co-sleep.

K said...

I hope she wants to co-sleep! I'm actually setting up only one bunk as a twin and will save the other one for when Apple is done with the crib, say in about 4 more years or so! The bunks were less expensive than a twin bed and matched the shelf I have and the crib! Best of all, the price was right.