Thursday, February 3, 2011

Enter the Year of the Rabbit

Happy Chinese New Year!

I just learned something very interesting. Jie Jie and I were both born in the Year of the Monkey!

I have this book called The Secret Language of Birthdays and I looked up Jie Jie's birthday, which I know is accurate, and these are some of the things it has to say about those born on her day:

Display great ingenuity and well as imagination.
Find it natural to think creatively.
They like to make things around them run smoothly, not only for the well-being of others, but also because they then can guarantee themselves the greatest amount of personal latitude and freedom from inhibiting responsibilities.
Make no bones about their wish to have fun, but at the same time are very serious about principles and ideals.
Are sympathetic as well as empathetic, therefore feel the pain of others more keenly than the average person.
Like to be free to roam, to think as they wish, to let their minds play over all the wonders of the world.
Are intensely curious and want to investigate most everything around them.

About health, which is surprisely similar to my own:
Are extremely sensitive to the environment, and must be attuned to possible allergies.
Skin can be particularly sensitive.
Should keep active, vigorous exercise is recommended, with plenty of rest in between.


4ever said...

Hi there - found your blog on RQ and wanted to say congratulations! Your daughter is beautiful! We adopted SN back in 2009. Our daughter has been such a joy and it is an amazing journey. I am also a member of the same church as you and wanted to wish you all the best.


Karen said...

Scott and Cady are also Monkeys...I've always found that interesting being that it only comes around every 12 years. They are also both Scorpios...even more interesting.
Monkey children are active. At least ours never stops dancing or moving. Our daughter is witty and very inquisitive.
It's great that you already have some common traits.

Carrie said...

Hi! I also found your blog on RQ and I attend the same church. Good for you! I think it is wonderful that you are adopting 2 little girls. My husband and I adopted 2 African American children while we continue to wait for our Chinese daughter (LID 9.20.06). Children are wonderful and I have found that we are lucky and blessed to be their parents, not the other way around. Good luck!!

Monica said...

Hi K.......I've followed your blog since '07, just about the time you became LID for Apple. I do not believe I've ever commented but when I saw your news on RQ today I couldn't resist. YAY for you and YAY YAY for Jie Jie. I will follow along as you head to China. I am very happy for you!!!!!

Amy said...

Hi! Congratulations! I am the mother of a child who was on a special needs list and is also a "monkey". She is now a busy six year old. Your daughter (when I saw her on the LWB site) was an inspiration for us to adopt an older child. We aren't there yet but I am so happy that this beautiful girl has found her family. She has a shining spirit.

Debbie said...

Hi! I found your blog on the RQ website and just wanted to congratulate you on your daughter. She is beautiful! I too am a single mother and have 2 daughters from China. I got my daughter's when the wait was only 15 months--I can't imagine waiting as long as you have. But, as you said, your wait has led you to Jie Jie. God works in wonderful ways!

Marcie said...

I ran across your blog randomly... and noticed that we are of the same faith AND live in the same area. I am so excited for you!! I am saving for my own adoption a few miles down the road. I pray that all goes smoothly and I know how you feel about making the announcement in Relief Society. I can't imagine how scary that can be! Love light and laughter coming your way!!