Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Nursery Part 1: Painting

The painting marathon began Jan. 17, 2011 and still continues. It's been rigorous! My kitchen is the painting zone for most of the furniture, which has been hard, but the results are definitely worth it.

I began with Jei Jei's room. It's a tricky room, only 11' x 11' and with four doors and a window, something on each wall. I got four different samples of pink and none of them were right. Exasperated, I began to mix them and got the most delightful, soft, versatile pink ever, but only a tiny, tiny sample. I took it to the paint store and they were able to mix a match.

This is the best "before" picture I've got because
the extra furniture was all in the middle of the room.

My dear friend and one of my surrogate mothers, BE,
who I hope can come with me to China.

Yes, I feel as old and tired and fat as I look in this picture.
But not for long!!!

Next, I did the dresser, that I bought years ago, and the shelf, that I was given the week I moved into the house. Two coats of primer each and three coats of paint over a month or more.

The butterfly knobs are from Pottery Barn Kids.

My crib has the same bonnet curve as this shelf and the bunkbeds.

See the luscious pink on the wall?

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