Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Nursery Part 2: The Panda is Out of the Box

On February 5, 2011, several friends came over to help open the bunk bed boxes and set up one bunk as a twin. They were super heavy and, as you can see, truly took up all of my livingroom for the past month in that huge box and another one already cleared away.

I was able to get a very nice mattress from my old supplier from the days in the early 1990s when I had a furniture business.

Here's the bunkbed team, A and D, who have invited Jei Jei and I to their wedding in June, and J and A, who are already married. They have been so helpful and supportive of me through this and are very excited for Jei Jei to come home.

Don't ever come between me and my drill!

Oops! The furniture didn't fit as planned. Think, think, think...

I've got it!

I'll just take Jei Jei's panda out of the box.

Hmm, a trick box?

I get it, parent-proof!

This panda is the only battery-needy toy that Jei Jei has. It "sucks" the bottle and makes sucking sounds, plays peek-a-boo, coos and goes to sleep and snores. It was the very, very first thing I bought when I found out I could do a concurrent adoption and felt so strongly that she was old enough for this toy. I'll introduce it carefully so she doesn't get scared of it.

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