Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Nursery Part 3: The Closet

On February 12, 2011, my best friend from junior high came up from the Santa Barbara area to help me prepare for Jei Jei and it was Closet Day! We hadn't seen each other in about 8 years. We started by demolishing what was in there since it was so terrible. Warped wooden closet rods, screws and nails sticking out of the walls everywhere, and, dull icky paint.

We picked up the parts I'd be using to redesign and build and then it was time for my friend to go. Around 8:30pm I realized that the closet had to be painted so I ran back out to HD and grabbed a gallon of paint. I phone J and asked if she wanted to help and she eagerly came over. Well, she'd never painted before, but did get the hang of it quickly. I'm a perfectionist, and she met my standard after a little practice. After she left, I killed time for another hour online, then painted the second coat. I went to bed at 5am, much like tonight!

Before. Notice the sagging rail that my right hand is on in the photo above this one? It's attached to the door jam, 6" from the wall. See in the photos below how clothes cannot be hung there? But, toward the back wall, the rod is anchored further out? Disaster!

Yes, let's build some rod holders with some crude pieces of wood that block the window. NOT! We ripped it all out, including numerous screws and nails that had been painted over for the last century.
I'm not kidding. The house was built in 1905!

Ah, nice new paint.

I finished assembling the first new organizer in the wee hours of the next night. Sammy helped.

In the daylight it's easier to see it. I need to block that window of the sun will fade the clothes. Across the back of the closet is 48" of hanging space at dress/coat level. The double hanging rods are each 30" long.

A narrow, shallow shelf from IKEA provides plenty of storage but allows enough room to still walk in.

The clothes on the back wall are size 5, 6 and some 7. The clothes hung on the high rod are size 3, and some will fit Jei Jei. The lowest rod has all the size 4 clothes. Originally, I planned to remove the closet door and put a curtain in its place, but this cold snap in the weather has shown me how poorly insulated the closet is and it would be like leave the refridgerator door open to the room. Next weekend, I'll plane the top of the door and paint the door and frame where my former roomates child peeled it off.

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Catherine said...

Great use of space! Between you and M3 you're making me want to redo my closets!