Friday, March 4, 2011

Airplane Tickets - Check!

Visa - check!

I am moving down my list.

There is still a lot to do and some of it is just not going to get done. I'm trying to prioritize, but my brain is still not functioning. Now that the travel arrangements are made, I hope that frees up some brain cells to devote to other things.

Here's the plan:

Friday, March 25

Saturday, March 26

Sunday, March 27
Leave HONG KONG and fly to NANCHANG

Monday, March 28
Meet Jei Jei!!! Forever Family Day: Begin Adoption Procedures

Friday, April 1
Stay at Victory Hotel

Saturday, April 2
Medical, Prepare Visa Paperwork

Thursday, April 7
US Consulate Appointment @ 8:30am

Friday, April 8
Pick up visa after 3:30pm, Head home via GUANGZHOU - HONG KONG - USA

Saturday, April 9
Leave Hong Kong at 12:30am

Friday, April 8
Arrive SFO and home at 10:00pm

I'm not wild about a red-eye flight, but it means three whole days home before opening for work instead of two and we arrive home late and can go right to bed (LOL!). I really wish I could have a nice long maternity leave. Catherine, if you are reading this, know how envious I am that you had 9 long months with Hannah before going back to work. My only consolation is that at least I work at home!

My other regret is that this trip to China will be so fast. Imagine travelling all the way to Hong Kong and only seeing the inside of a hotel. Imagine travelling to China and not seeing the Great Wall.

However, imagine travelling to China and leaving with a little daughter!!!


Anonymous said...

Wow! This is really happening fast. I'm so excited for you. I don't know you but have been following your blog. I am the grandmother to 2 beautiful Chinese girls. The most recent just home since August and her mom (my daughter) is also single. Your daughter is beautiful. My very best wishes to you both. The nursery is beautiful BTW.

kimjax said...

The room is beautiful, Kimi - what a difference from the last time I checked your blog! Best wishes for a safe trip, and praying for your daughter with such big changes ahead. :) Kim in SC

Catherine said... itinerary! Not long now and you'll be standinging in the beautiful country that is currently home to your daughter.

Praying for your trip and also the transition home as you so quickly have to return to work. You're so right that we in Canada are amazingly blessed to have maternity leaves. The pay is not much but normally with scrimping and saving we can make it work for the full leave time. So thankful for this.

Excited for you that you're officially down to counting fingers and toes until you leave!!!

China Dreams said...

I think that all the touring was overrated and got boring; you can always take a heritage tour with your daughter later, and then you can both enjoy the sights.


Julie said...

Wow K, everything is happening fast and I think that proves that this was meant to be!!! Jie Jie's room is beautiful (I especially LOVE the butterfly knobs!) and I'm sure she is going to love it.

Eliza2006 said...

Congrats! One step closer!

Karen said...

We did the redeye too.. And it was probably calmer than a day flight, because our daughter was able to sleep most of the time. Not sure how she would take to it, but you might want to consider putting her in "pull-ups underwear" for the flight home. She might be exhausted, and if she is, she might pee in her seat if she ends up sleeping super soundly on the flight. Ya never really know.