Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Day 4 in Nanchang

It's true, things are going so well that I would go so far as to say that this has been easy. Honestly, the hardest part was being at the mercy of the beaurocratic schedule on adoption day and not having a clear plan for meals. However, as of yesterday, I took care of that and the other I can't do anything about.

My daughter is wonderful! She is so happy! I have received spontaneous, sincere kisses and hugs and she asks to be picked up when she wants. My favorite kiss was in a taxi. The window was down and she loved the feel of the wind in her hair and she was dancing and smiling with joy and turned around and kissed me on the cheek then turned back into the wind.

I had my guide try and talk to her about her treatment. Just the mention of it makes Jei Jei hysterical, turning her from a happy child into a tiger fighting for her life. I have decided that there will be no treatment until we see a doctor. If I hold her down and force her, I'm sure I will damage our relationship and possibly physically harm her, so Mama has decreed that there will be no treatment, come what may. As a result, bedtime was fantastic and she had a great night and is still sleeping!

So, our day went like this:

First, a shower with mama. In our tiny shower, I put her little plastic bathtub and we both washed our hair. She was very good even though she wasn't sure about how leaning the head back to rinse off the shampoo worked. She allowed me to do, though, without any fuss at all. Then, the hairdryer. I showed it to her on low and she was super excited, no fear, so I dried her hair. Later, when it was unplugged, I saw her trying to get it to work and then pretended to dry her hair. Cute doesn't even begin to describe her.

After breakfast, we went to the People's Pavillion, built in 1650 and restored 20 years ago, it's a sort of park, though one pays to get in. It doesn't have any religious meaning, it's just a gathering place. It seemed to be a tribute to the writers and philosophers of this provence. It was a little boring for a little girl.

We tried to go to the flea market and ended up at Walmart again. Just a small miscommunication with my guide, Karen. She is the niece of my agency's main guide, Chris, who is in UK right now with his son, Michael. She is great guide and aided by her mother, who was raised in an orphanage after her parents died.

Once back at the hotel, B, my travel companion, took a nap and I took Jei Jei to the temple that we can see out of our window. I didn't know one had to pay to enter and I got yelled at by the ticket lady, but once I apoligized and bought my ticket, she was very friendly. On my daughter's first night, she joined us in family prayer, like she'd done it before. At this temple, she knew how to do the Buddhist 3x bow and asked me to do it. I said, "Mama isn't Buddhist, mama is Christian," and she said, "Oh," just as though she perfectly understood.

It was dinner across the street again with the Straights and that's where we will go again tonight. We have our order down pat now and have invited another family who is staying at our hotel, a single mom and her parents. We hope they join us because this mom is not well-connected at all to the online community and Donna and I think she's a little clueless right now about a few things and her father is a real downer all the way around.

Bedtime was wonderful and my darling girl is still sleeping soundly. She slept so well all night, I'm sure she's going to feel wonderful when she wakes up. I tucked her in, read a little book I bought for her in Mandarin (can't say if I did it right, but she was very satisfied) and then after a few minutes, she took the book from me, turned over and in 30 seconds was fast asleep. I know how blessed I am and know that this is all part of the miracle surrounding her.

I have to say that I love China! I love the people. Last night at the temple and coming down the little alley back to the hotel, I met and spoke with many, many people who were so friendly and genuine. One elderly man spoke very good English. He told me that he'd never been abroad and that he taught himself English. He thanked me for taking one of China's daughters and understood when I told him how priviledged I feel to be her mom. He also translated for another man. I am amazed at how far my tiny bit of Mandarin has gotten me and will continue to study the language with my daughter.

The only time I felt the government influence was at the airport in Nanchang when I had to go through customs. The uniforms are definitely attention-getting and caused me a tiny bit of anxiety. However, the officers were VERY helpful and friendly and guided us through the process.

The most common question I was asked by the non-adoption community was, "Does my daughter speak English and how will we communicate. Well, we do so well, even I'm blown away.

Ah, she's just woken up!


LA said...

Hi Kimi,

I am thrilled everything is going so well for you !! I love your blog :)

Have fun in China,

Lee Ann

Anonymous said...

Many blessings to you and your beautiful daughter!

Eliza2006 said...

Oh, I love her! Look at how cute she is in every way! Enjoy the rest of your journey in China!

Anonymous said...

I knew God had a plan for you and would give you your daughter :) He is amazing! She is beautiful, god bless all. I look forward to your posts every night! Thank you

Debra said...

What a beautiful child you have. She has blossomed in such a short time. God bless you both!

Catherine said...

Oh what a cutie you have there! So glad that things are going so well.