Thursday, March 31, 2011


Well, she may be 7 years old, but mama gets some pretty good firsts. Today we had quite a list. First peanut butter sandwich (I tested her first with just a tiny bit), first new shoes, first carosel ride, first time going on a slide!

Our only order of business was to pick up the notarized adoption papers at the notary office. Then we went to the People's Park where there was a small manmade lake, rides for kids and exercise equipment for adults, gardens, etc...

On the way to the park we finally found a pair of shoes to fit her. The shoes she arrived in were way, way, way too big and the pair I brought were a size or two too big. I've been putting two to three layers of socks on her every day to hold them on her feet! She was thrilled with her shoes and her gait was tremendously improved. I tried looking at another pair, but she didn't understand why and was impatient with me since she said she already has a new pair. LOL!

I have a little daredevil, that's for sure. She was beside herself with excitement when she saw the rides at the park. She wanted to do them all, but I only allowed her to do three of them then showed her a little playground thing they had like you'd find in parks all over the USA. She was excited and tried to walk up the slide, and when I told her to go to the stairs and the guide said the same thing, I could see that she looked a little confused. I took her up and then sent her down the slide and she laughed and laughed and still didn't know to go back to the stairs and then I had a thought, confirmed when the guide asked her. She'd never been on a slide before! It made perfect sense since she always skips over the picture of the backyard play structure I have in the picture book I gave her. She didn't know what it was.

We had dinner with the Straights again and then the "girls" took a walk. We bought ice cream and let the little girls ride some little rides. My daughter started doing acrobatic tricks on them while they were moving. She's really something. At the park, she went up-side-down on the bars and was simply unstoppable on everything. Her special need doesn't slow her down at all and she's going straight into tumbling or gymnastics classes when we get home and I've never been so thankful that I have trampolines at home. She's going to need them.

She's been growing a little impatient all day, her grief ready to burst and tonight she tried everything to avoid going to bed. I finally insisted and she had a grief tantrum, worse than the first, with thrashing, hitting and kicking (not me, but at the bed and everything else), but it was much shorter than the first. She's continuing to cry and thrash in her sleep periodically, poor thing. I've just tucked the blanket tightly in and placed pillows around her. She's super strong and very acrobatic and can flip right off the bed despite the chairs I've got up against it. She's really something else physically. She likes to jump down stairs and started by holding my hand and jumping down two steps. Now she's doing three and contemplating not holding my hand so I'm always near her. I wouldn't hover so much if we were home, but, again, I don't want to end up in the ER in China with her.

The picture of all the ladies gathered around Donna's stroller isn't about the celebrity the stroller is getting. These old ladies are The Clothing Police. They were very concerned that Donna's daughter had short sleeves on while we were out and it's night. However, it's very pleasant, temperature wise. One woman tested my daughter's clothes. Luckily, she has her bib with sleeves on, but it's thin and the lady did say dian dian, which meant thin in this case.

The little green wreath my daughter is wearing was made by one of the waitresses at the hotel using real greenery. I don't know why she did it, but it made my daughter feel happy and that warms my heart.


Anonymous said...

I'm so happy that things are going so well. Your daughter could not be any cuter!! What a wonderful match!

I enjoy reading your blog.


Karen said...

We have some friends who lived in China for a year (4 years after adopting their second child from China), and the 3 layers, as you know, is NO JOKE to these ladies, they mean business. Apparently, the heat is free from the government, but because of that, all heat is turned off in southern China in early March, and in Northern China in mid April. Subsequently, babies have died when they are under dressed. And these old ladies know nothing more than how they have raised their own children. I don't know if they would comprehend that there's piped heating outside of China, past March/April. We also adopted our daughter in March and even though it was warmer, we kept her in 3 layers, and long socks or tights with long pants on. We figured if nothing else, it was out of respect to the people who see us taking one of their daughters away from their land.

China Dreams said...

The pictures are wonderful! I remember the clothing police-they never came near me, maybe because I had a son, maybe because he was 4-1/2, maybe because I give that "don't you mess with my kid" vibe, but they frequently came up to my travel mate and her daughter in the stroller.