Thursday, March 31, 2011

Good-bye Nanchang

After a night of on and off grieving, morning came and my little one is feeling a bit better as the day wears on. I had my guide ask her why she was crying last night and she did say it was because she missed her Po Po. I'm very glad that she can put words to her feelings.

We are leaving in one hour for the airport to catch our flight to Guangzhou. I have loved being in Nanchang and the people have been wonderful, but my little girl is ready for a change of scene. There just isn't a lot for a little girl to do, no parks or anything nearby.

As we prepare to leave the province of my daughter's birth, I have a spot of sadness in my heart for what she is leaving behind.


China Dreams said...

Good luck on your journey. There should be more to do in GZ.


Catherine said...

Enjoying following your journey with Jei Jei! Enjoy your next stop.