Thursday, March 3, 2011

A Look Around the Nursery

Entering the nursery.

Looking toward the left, the same wall the door is on. On the bed, is a piece of rose embossed minky that I'm going to use to make a duvet cover - soon, I hope, and a rocking chair pad set and pillow sham!

Next wall. The door leads to the bathroom and then to my bedroom.

Outside wall. The afternoon sun comes in for a short time.

Wall to the right of the entry door. There are two doors on this wall, the closet door, which is behind the rocking chair, and the door that leads to the front door entryway, which is now hidden by a mirror. The wall behind the rocking chair would have been nice for some artwork, but the closet door opens against it.

There are some things I still need to do, like find a nice little table/shelf to use at the bedside. It needs to be high enough to come past the mattress height, but low enough that Jei Jei will be able to reach the lamp.

The window treatments need finessing.

The wall behind the bed is left blank on purpose. I hope to find some things in China to put there.

There were a lot of pretty things I bought and then returned because there just isn't the right kind of wall space in this room and it's problem throughout the entire house. I'd like a little lamp for the dresser, but it has to be pretty tiny.

I've always loved pink and cream. The valances are from Apple's crib bedding set. I wanted to be able to use that set when she comes since the crib matches Jei Jei's furniture. I like light colors in my home. I find them soothing and comforting, exactly what I want for Jei Jei to feel at home. I've also read in most of the adoption/attachment books, that a less stimulating room is better.


Anonymous said...

Her room is gorgeous! I think she'll love it.


B said...

The room looks beautiful <3

Tina Michelle said...

I love that room. You did an excellent job!