Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Okay, It's Crunch Time

I am leaving in 25 days for China! What a feeling!!!

Today (oops, it's after midnight - so it's yesterday), I got my last two travel documents notarized. I was so excited I started walking away without paying the lady for her notary services.

I need to get my visa ASAP.

My travelling companion varified that she's good to go, for sure. She had some family obligations that made her coming with me a maybe until today - uh, yesterday.

I have 5 engagements this month to attend before I leave. I've never had that many evening events planned in one month.

There's more, but I need some sleep, so Good Night!


Sharon said...

Found your blog through the Salsa Twins blog. I adopted from Vietnam while waiting for my China adoption. Our China daughter turned 8yrs old while we were in China completing the adoption. Good luck with everything! Your daughter is beautiful.

Catherine said...

You're heading to China this month!!! Wheee!!!

Enjoy your evening events this month as once you're home you'll want to spend every moment possible with your daughter! Hannah has been home for 16 months now and later this month (the day you arrive in China!!) I'll be attending a Steven Curtis Chapman concert which will be my first official night out for no reason other than to have fun! Hannah and I are joined at the hip and I wouldn't have it any other way!

SO happy that your travelling companion is able to go with you. What a great time you'll have and it's a life changing opportunity for both of you! It's so nice to have someone to help meet your needs while you take care of your daughter.

B said...

Woooohooooo, watch out China. There's a new mommy in town!