Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Please Help the Children at Yugan

Dear Yugan families and friends who read this from other lists and boards,

For my "baby shower" I asked instead of gifts for me and my daughter, that people donate to a fund created at Love Without Boundaries to benefit my daughter's SWI. Two years ago, her SWI didn't have any babies in their care. Currently, out of 65 children, 45 are under 1 year old! I attribute this to the horrific storms of last year when millions lost power. It's been shown that after events such as this, a baby boom generally occurs and I think that's what happened.

The staff at Yugan are extra special. It's because of their dedicated care of my daughter, she lived. Medical care couldn't be obtained for her special need until she was 5 years old because of the severe nature of it. It was only because they constantly asked and searched for help that they eventually were led to Love Without Boundaries, who then raised money for my daughter's three surgeries and connected her with their medical team.

The fund for Yugan SWI that is being collected at Love Without Boundaries is going to be sent to Yugan soon. I hope that you are able to spare a tiny amount and donate. Even $5 and $10 goes a very long way. They need clothes, baby bottles and cloth diapers. Please donate today at http://www.lovewithoutboundaries.com and be sure to select "Other Projects" and put "Yugan" in the notes so that the money goes to Yugan.

At my "shower" I collected 68 pairs of new socks with non-skid soles, over 200 sample-sized tubes of good toothpaste, some tooth brushes, and a huge bottle of children's vitamins, oh, and a Memory game. With the money given to me at the shower, I purchased 50 more toothbrushes and baby VitaSol vitamins. I am also bringing about 50 diaper covers to go with the cloth diapers they hope to buy from the LWB fund. Yugan also is an old folks home/nursing home so some of the tooth care products are intended for the elderly, too.

Please, please help me with this important project! I'm sure you noticed in the last pictures I posted of my daughter that her coat was too small. Yes, I'm grateful that she even has a coat, but what if another child there doesn't?

I thank you from the bottom of my heart if you've already donated.

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