Thursday, March 3, 2011

What About the Cats?

I'm often asked what I'll do if Jei Jei is allergic to cats. Of course I'd whatever best for both my daughter and the cats.

Now that that's out of the way, here's a quick update:

Though it's always a challenge to make sure Henry gets enough calories, he stayed healthy for about ten months. In January, I began to realize that he was nearly impossible to feed and had an aha moment and realized he was sick again. His common ailment is aspiration pneumonia. Two rounds of antibiotics and he was a new man, but ate so much he had a few days of bad breathing again. I figured he'd be fine, then yesterday I realized he hadn't come to me in about three days and when I went to him, he didn't purr. For Henry not to purr is a HUGE warning sign because, if you listen carefully, I'm sure you could hear his purr from anywhere on planet earth, he's that loud. During last night, about 4am, he was under duress so I turned on the light and looked at him and he had such dull eyes, I felt like he was about to die, just no sign of life in there. I phoned my vet, one of my daycare moms, and we figured he'd gotten another infection from aspirating again so she brought over his antibiotic. About 5 hours later I checked on him and saw that the light of life was back in his eyes and an hour after that he came to me with his purring motor in high gear and was VERY clingy. When he's Mr. Velcro Man, I know he's not feeling well, but at least now he was improved enough to "tell" me.

I wish I could convey in pictures just how fragile he appears, though his muscle tone is now quite good. He can also bathe his entire body, something he learned to do this last winter. I now know that his development was meerly delayed due to severe illness because of his birth defect, and when well, he continues to catch up and learn regular cat behaviors. I call it "finding the cat within."

Here are NiNi, Henry, Sammy and Brother, all in a row!

Sam continues to take excellent care of Henry
and Henry adores Sam, always hugging some part of him.

NiNi (Velvet) had some flee issues last fall. She wasn't allergic to them, just couldn't stand to feel one crawling on her so she licked and bit a lot of her fur off trying to get to the flea. Her skin was completely fine, not a red mark, bump or dry patch on her. Believe, me, we saw most of her skin. First it was, "NiNi, your underwear is showing," then, "NiNi, you've got a bikini on," next, "NiNi, you're wearing a thong!" and, last, "NiNi, you are naked!!!" Once the flee treatments kicked in, she could let her "clothes" grow back, but she still sunbathed in the nude for awhile!

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