Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Brushing Teeth Jei Jei Style

I bought her a singing toothbrush and I'm singing along with it. The gargle at the end is a riot.


Anonymous said...

That is just too cute! I've enjoyed reading your travel story so much and hope the continuing transition goes well. Your writing is so good that I almost feel like I went to China too. I'm so happy for you and your daughter.

B said...

She is amazing! I'm wondering if I should have Roman brush his teeth over the toilet. He has a stool at the sink, but it's still difficult for him to lean over the counter to get to the faucet. Or maybe I just need a taller stool.

Anonymous said...

Love it :) She is just to cute! Your blog it the best to follow, thank you for sharing :)

China Dreams said...

Our son used to brush like that-as if it was a marathon sport!