Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Cat That Scratched and Boo Boos

The actual story came out last night about the cat scratch. Turns out is wasn't Sammy. Jie Jie was just using him as an example of a cat, to tell me that a cat had scratched her. Turns out that the cat was Rose, who will scratch if bothered. Jie Jie knew this and that's why she didn't come to me right when it happened.

I'm very lucky in that Jie Jie was well-cared for, nurtured a lot. From the very first day, whenever she was hurt, even little hurts, she would come to me for cuddles and soothing. She makes a clucking sound with her tongue that an adult would make when soothing a boo boo so I've imitated that whenever she's hurt. She will not hesitate to cry when hurt and even over-does it sometimes as part of letting her grief out. I always take care to hold her and comfort her, kiss the boo boo or get the bandaid, and keep it up until she is feeling better.

The fact that she didn't come to me or even cry when she was scratched was an indicator to me that she did something she knew she should not have done. We've talked a lot about how to treat the cats and which ones she should be careful with and I've had a translator come over to make sure there wasn't any language barrier with this.

The way it came out was that Rose jumped onto my lap while Jie Jie was also on my lap and Jie Jie was slightly alarmed and leaned away and pulled her hands in. I put two and two together and asked if Sammy scratched her and she said no, that Sammy loved her and Rose did not love her and Rose scratched her.

I glad to know that Sammy didn't scratch. He's never done so before and I'd hate to think that Jie Jie would do something to make him start now. Rose, however, will scratch, but she gives a lot of warning first and will not scratch hard, just enough to make her point. Obviously, Jie Jie didn't heed the warning and felt the result.

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