Thursday, April 21, 2011

English Lessons & New Friends

Each day I've tried to have a little brain activity to ease us into a homeschooling routine. Books, puzzles, painting, that sort of thing. Today, the book was a picture and word book and my little rascal wanted nothing to do with it until page three when she suddenly realized what I was doing, then she was very excited.

We've communicated easily and in quite a lot of detail, but now I notice we are on the verge of a new level and we need a common language to communicate more complex ideas.

Tonight after dinner, we met a friend and their daughter at the park. The daughter is 5 and half a head taller than Jie Jie. It was the first child Jie Jie really took to and they had a great time. I can see some fun times ahead for the girls.

I've got more pictures, of course, and some darling video to post this weekend when I have more time.


karen said...

When Cady started being interested in reading predictable books, we read Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You see? It's a really good predictable book that helps through visuals.

Another good one that she liked was Baby Einstein, Window to colors. LOTS of vibrant colors and shapes, and each color is spelled out in it's own color at the top of the page.

Just an FYI also, I did the survey on RQs page. I found out that you and us are the only ones left in the NSN line for our LID. I tried emailing you a few times to see how things are going and then again to inform you that I did the survey, and your mailbox was full. ahhhh.....motherhood. lol

Karen said...

Oh and what I also liked about the Einstein book, is that there are a LOT of colorful items/animals to learn words. But it's not overwhelming. I think it would be great for your daughter.

I was going to ask about homeschool, Im assuming now that you are going to do that?!?

Anonymous said...

what a fun way to learn!

B said...

Love playdates. I was supposed to have one today w/ a teacher friend of mine. She teaches part-time like me and has the same days off. Her daughter is 9 months. She canceled at the last minute, wahhhhhh :'(