Saturday, April 16, 2011

Every Moment

I'm the camera-toting mom, trying to freeze each precious moment in time. However, I did purposely leave it behind last night when Jei Jei and I went to the park after dinner so we could simply play with each other. My little town has tons of great kid parks and I'm introducing Jei Jei to the best of them and we are getting into a nice routine that will be even nicer in summer when the days are longer and warm. After dinner, we go to a park and bring her scooter.

This morning she woke up at 9:30am on her own!!! She came downstairs, where the daycare is, just like I'd told her to do. I'm so glad that she woke up on her own because she's veyr grumpy if I wake her up. We are definitely starting to feel a rythym to our days and we're both happy and doing well.

She is after my own heart! She doesn't like much bread at all and even cried on the plane when that's all they searved for a snack, but she loved her cinnamon bum from IKEA, just like mama. Honestly, they are my favorites!

Doesn't every little girl have a picture like this?

This one makes me melt inside. She is just so loveable!

Getting started with nocturnal a gymnastics workout.

Henry has a new pal.


Anonymous said...

Those are the cutest pajamas EVER!!! Each of these pictures is beautiful. I am so thankful that you have her and are home. There is nothing like being a mom!

China Dreams said...

Every cat needs a girl to curl up with. Glad they've taken to one another.


Debbie Sauer said...

Love the kitten pictures. Glad she has a new best friend. Blessings