Monday, April 11, 2011

Last Day In China 2: Red Couch Photo and More

Whether or not one stays at the White Swan Hotel, it's a must to do the traditional "Red Couch Picture" so we did it. I got a sweet little face in this one.

Then I got the Spunky Face!

There are professional photo shoots all over the island every day, some for commercial purposes, but most for wedding photos. The couple rent fancy outfits or wedding dresses and then, usually with their jeans on underneath, have a photo shoot. I thought this dress was stunning!

Behind the scenes, pun intended!


China Dreams said...

She is really quite the model herself, isn't she? I notice that the pictures get progressively more relaxed and she looks adorable in all of them.


K said...

LOL! More like hot, tired and fed up with the shopping and picture taking!