Saturday, April 2, 2011

Medical Exam

I am so relieved that this exam is over. I'd asked the orphanage staff how Jei Jei feels about doctors and was told she was fine with them, but mama's intuition told me otherwise. Before leaving Nanchang, I had my guide, Karen, explain about the exam and here in Guangzhou, I had my new guide, Grace, also explain. Both times, Jei Jei got the look on her face of withdrawal and fear.

On the way to the exam, we got the visa photo and we were in line with a busload of families who all had children with special needs. One little boy had bilateral cleft lip with four teeth protruding from the area and it really frightened Jei Jei. I had Grace do more explaining and Jei Jei seemed to feel better.

My little girl started shutting down and whining as we entered the medical exam building. Luckily, she turns to me for comfort and wanted me to hold her. Once she saw the toys she perked right up and played, but when her turn came, so did a little fear. After realizing how non-invasive the exam was, she really relaxed and enjoyed the attention a little. She's very healthy, my height measurement of her was exactly what they got, but I didn't get the weight. There is a scale here in the room, if I want to find out, but I can tell you that she's very heavy for what she looks like she'd be.

The TB test was traumatic. Oh my goodness! I was totally prepared, but the medical staff was shocked. The one administering the needle seemed fine, but her assistant who helps hold the kids was in shock afterward and had sweat on her brow. It took four of us to hold my little peanut still. However, once the little needle went in, she stopped screaming, watched it, then just cried and I held her for awhile. Soon, she was just fine and up and running. The best description I can give you of my little girl in deep protest is a bucking tiger. She is sooooo strong that I almost had to ask for a fifth person to help us, but the needle lady was super fast.

All is well now. No redness at the injection site and no lasting resentment.

I loved how cute she looked doing the medical exam and blood pressure. I'm so in love with my little daughter!


China Dreams said...

Sorry for the drama, but glad she turned to you for comfort. It is amazing just how dense/heavy our Chinese children are, even though the scale says they are light. And strong! I can understand almost calling in a fifth person.


Beatrix said...

Your daughter looks like she is having a great time getting to know you! What a beautiful girl. Can't wait to meet her.
Beatrix, Ava and Ellen

Maps of China said...

Your daughter looks so sweet and beautiful. Your story is just magical! I really did not like the medical checkup experience. But, I recognized our doctor in your picture. We had the same woman. So glad that's behind you.
Sherri, from WC Adovacate Group