Saturday, April 2, 2011

Nanchang to Guangzhou

After a rough last night in Nanchang, my little one was a little fragile all day. I just had to be extra patient and work hard to keep her occupied. The flight to Guangzhou was over in the nick of time since I think she was just about the meltdown over having to keep her seatbelt on. A man behind us said something to Jei Jei that helped just enough. Once we landed at the airport, I didn't see anyone with my name on a sign. I was being met by a porter from the hotel. I waited a bit, asked at the info desk and wasn't getting very far when a rather handsome Chow Yun Fat type came up to me to offer his assistance. He was from the White Swan Hotel and became my night in shining armour. He phoned the Victory for me and arranged for another driver, then, as he was hanging up, my driver showed up, sweat pouring down his pace from running to meet me. My guide has told him a time a bit later than our flight and he was 5 minutes late on top of that. I'm glad we didnt' have to make our own way to Shamian Island, but we could have if need be. After settling in our hotel, we strolled a bit and revelled in the fresh air and greenery after the smog and dingy greyness of Nanchang. We ate at Lucy's for dinner since it was the easiest. My daughter fell asleep easily after looking at her photo albums. I am very grateful for this!

Last night in Nanchang after her grieving fit.

Breakfast on our last day in Nanchang.
Wish I'd gotten the highchair before now.

Sad to say good-bye to my guide, Karen, and her mother.

Arrived in Guangzhou.

Gymnastics lessons are a must! She did this while I was checking in to the Victory Hotel.

She did it again at Lucy's where we ate the first night.

Sound asleep in Guangzhou with her "meow meow."


LA said...

Congrats Kimi for making it to Guangzhou and the hotel :):) I am glad she went to bed so well :)

On our last adoption trip, we had to get from HK to the Victory on our own. It was fun and took some patience, but we did not have our new daughter yet. Coming back home, our driver only got us to the train station in Guangzhou. The rest was on us to navigate to HK, then to a hotel, then to the airport the next day. People there want to work, so even if they do not speak the dialect you have studied, they will call someone who does (our taxi driver did this) and get you to where you are going:)

Take care,

Lee Ann

China Dreams said...

She is definitely an acrobat! Hope she's happier now that you're in GZ.


Vicki said...

I am loving following along on your journey! Praying that all continues to go so well for you.