Saturday, April 2, 2011

Pearl River Cruise

After a rather long day, mama decided that we were going to eat dinner on the cuise boat. Jei Jei fell asleep right as we pulled up at the quay, but woke right up again. She didn't understand about getting tickets and then waiting for our boat. She thought she could get right on board and whined for the next half hour about it. I was finally able to get her to understand that, yes, we are going on the boat, but we have to wait, and she was her usual jumping up and down, happy self again.

The food wasn't so great, but it filled a hole in the tummy. The sites of the buildings along the river was fantastic! I loved all the different architecture and the colorful lights and bridges. After the bleak dingy greyness of Nanchang, this is all eye candy and much welcome.

We met a family in the dining room who spoke English and has even been to San Franscisco. They requested a picture with us and I was happy to comply. My Jei Jei is the same size as their three year old but he's a little taller than average for a Chinese boy of his age.

I've found it interesting that Jei Jei isn't drawn to other children. She plays very well by herself and she did play with the Straight girls, but she doesn't seem to want to mix with other children just yet at all and doesn't even seem curious about them or what they might be doing.

My little girl went to bed well, no crying, and had a great sleep. Once during the night I woke up because I couldn't feel her next to me and had a horrible vision of her suffocated in the crack between the bed and wall, but she'd only scooted down in the bed and I pulled her back up to the pillow without waking her.

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