Sunday, April 3, 2011

Safari Park

Today's adventure was to take the subway to the Chime Long Xiang Jiang Safari Park. The subway was easy, just like it would be in any large city, but there were a lot of people. It was VERY clean with stops announced in English as well as other languages.

The park itself was superb! Super clean, no smell, music piped in all over, tons and tons and tons of animals - all visible, and beautiful grounds. This is a must for families coming to Guangzhou, but do give it an entire day. I have never seen so many exotic animals in one place. There were more baby animals here than I've ever imagined could be in one place. They must have one of the most successful breeding programs of any zoo. I will post pictures later of white tiger cubs, just a few weeks old and some excellent video footage (I hope) of the big tigers. We also road on an elephant! I've always wanted to do that. I don't know if my friend managed a picture of it, but I'll find out later when we download her camera. My little girl is fearless, so of course she really thought riding an elephant was pretty neat.

It was a first for Jei Jei, who woke up crabby and stayed that way almost all day. She just doesn't know enough about a place like this to feel anticipation. She was more interested in the toys than the animals, at first, too. Then, we saw a monkey exhibit with a colony of monkeys, tons of babies, but one brand new one off to the side with its mother caughter her attention and she was riveted. I could see her undergoing a process of some sort. I pointed out to her that when the baby monkey started going to far from the mother monkey that the mother grabbed onto the baby's tail and held it nearby. I showed Jei Jei how mama does the same thing with the leash on her harness and a lightbulb went off. Her mood changed after this, thank heavens.

Last night she went to bed easily after we looked at all of her picture books. Tonight she also went to bed easily without having to do anything buy lie down. My girl falls asleep fast when she's not grieving.

I am enjoying motherhood, that's for sure, and I'm looking forward to all that's in store for us. As I type this, Jei Jei periodically calls out in her sleep, "Mama!" and when I go to her, she quiets and relaxes.

Our own photo shoot at the White Swan Hotel.

Brushing mama's hair.

Yes, we rode the subway and I quite liked going native.
We met some very friendly people doing this.

Can anyone think forward enough to Halloween?


China Dreams said...

What a wonderful post! Looks and sounds like you two are bonding. Congratulations :-)


htownjenny said...

What a lovely girl you have! How wonderful that you have found each other. I found your blog through ChinaAdoptionSites, which our blog was on when we brought our daughter home almost 2 years ago. She was 6.5 when we adopted her, so your story brings back lots of happy memories!

Anonymous said...

Really great pictures. I love the last one showing the braids you both have. I'm so happy for both of you. LCN