Sunday, April 24, 2011

Shopping WITH Jie Jie

Wow! I finally went shopping at my favorite kid clothing store that starts with a G with my child actually with me! I went so many times while waiting and dreaming, then hung the clothes up in the dining room for a few weeks afterward just to look at them and imagine my future with my child. My future is now my present. My new saying as I dress Jie Jie each day is, "These clothes are just for decoration any more!"

I only bought socks today, smaller ones than I have because my miniature daughter has extra-miniature feet. She's 7 and wears size 2-3t socks.

I learned that one must carry cash only when shopping in the smaller markets of China Town. My gorgeous fresh mustard greens were left at the checkout stand because this mama only had plastic. Too bad they didn't take Yuan because I still had some in my wallet! However, at the bakery, plastic was fine, so we got pork buns and rice cake, chow mien that got a huge thumbs up from Jie Jie, and custard cups.

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China Dreams said...

You're lucky to have Chinese food so readily available. Sounds like you had a good time :-)