Monday, April 4, 2011

Shopping with Ann

It was a day of shopping, mostly for pearls, jade and Chinese DVDs and CDs. We didn't get to the clothing and shoe markets so we'll have to go again. We teamed up with Donna, who is staying at the beautiful Garden Hotel. Dinner was at MickeyD's because we couldn't find anything else, believe it or not, near the Garden Hotel, that was affordable.

The pearl market is incredible. I want to go back now that I've had time to digest exactly the great deal I got there.

Our only item of business was the have the TB test read and it's negative so we were only at the clinic for about 2 minutes this morning.

My darling girl fell asleep in the carrier on my back, which was another one of those priceless moments. I tried to get her into her jammies and into bed, but she woke up and wanted to watch TV. I think she wanted to watch some of the videos we'd bought and didn't understand that the TV didn't work so she started a meltdown. I got it under control by putting a CD into my laptop player, then the phone rang and it was my new guide arranging our meeting time. During the call, she got back out of bed and it was a trial to get her back in and she had another big meltdown. I was a little more firm at first, knowing it was some grieving and some brattiness at not getting the video, and eventually I realized that whenever I spoke to my friend, Jei Jei quieted a bit so I started telling her a story - the Three Little Pigs. By the time I got to "The End" she tucked herself back under the covers and was asleep. It's so cute how she doesn't want me to hold her on my terms, but will scoot down onto my lap so there is contact, but on her terms. It's like she doesn't want to admit she wants me. It's the same with my voice. If I speak to her during the fit, she shakes her head at me, but if I speak not directly at her, she soothes. It's just got to be on her terms, or so she thinks! I still feel that whatever works one time may not work the next time, but we do have a lot of consistency.

Okay, she's up and I'm not staying on the computer, so no captions right now...


Anonymous said...

luv seeing her on your back. do your pilates to keep up your core strength. looking awesome!

Chris said...

I am so blessed by your wonderful days with your beautiful daughter!
how very precious all these memories will be
I pray the trip continues to go smoothly for you all!

Eliza2006 said...

I was without internet for the last 3 days! I've caught up on your blog. It sounds like things are going well. You are doing a great job of documenting your trip. Safe travels and keep the updates coming...they are a joy to read!