Sunday, April 17, 2011

What's In a Name?

Okay, I finally have it from a Chinese person that big sister in Mandarin is spelled Jie Jie, so, I started out spelling it correctly, then changed it, then it was wrong.

However, since this is only my daughter's pseudonym, it doesn't matter.

I am still not inspired to give her an English name and she hasn't indicated to me or anyone else that she would like one, but we are still in our very early days.


Anonymous said...

I have been reading your story with interest and am so glad Jie Jie is settling so well with you. I also have a daughter from Yugan, adopted in October 2009, who has just turned 2. All the books I have, including a book my older daughter has for learning Mandarin, spell big sister as "Jie Jie". Very best wishes to you and your darling daughter.

dollsaga said...

Chinese is not an alphabetic language. "jie" is not a word but only a sound. "Jie" can be a unisex name depending on its writing form. "洁" is a commone girl's name. meaning: pure & innocent. "杰" is a common boy's name, Meaning: outstanding, heroic. these 2 Chinese charactors are both pronounced "jie", exactly same pronunciation as "big sisiter", but in very different writing forms. little boys or girls by the name of "Jie" usually are called "Jie-jie" by their loved ones, its a nickname just like Johnny for John.