Wednesday, April 6, 2011

White Cloud Mountain

Today's activity was a trip to White Cloud Mountain. It's a very beautiful and peaceful place and so far, it's my favorite in Guangzhou.

We had lunch with the Straights and another family at Lucy's then headed off for the Real China. My friend wandered yesterday and found a street that was very raw China so we went there together today so I could see it. I actually could have done without seeing it. There were animals and fish awaiting slaughter and I accidently saw from frogs being slaughtered and prepared and I'm trying to bannish the memory from my ming forever. The lady used a pair of scissors to snip off the frog's head only it too, two snips, which must have been painful for the animal. All the animals were waiting in inhuman conditions and I was glad to get out of there. I don't need to see the Real China like that and neither does my daughter.

We caught the metro after that and found IKEA. I wanted to compare it to the one in the USA and it's got all the same stuff

We had dinner in our room after getting back and my little girl went right to bed. She tested me tonight and I passed the test so she is having a very good sleep after a scolding, which she took stoically. That's why I'm pretty sure it was a test to see if I'd follow through, if I care, etc....

Asleep last night in her new jammies.

Don't come between the girl and her scooter!


foreverfamily said...

I can't believe your time is almost done! You're doing beautifully at recognizing your daughter's needs and what is best for your family. Enjoy your family time in the homeland.

Melanie Fenton said...

Your daughter is a firecracker, isn't she? I love seeing how animated she is in your pictures! I've loved reading your blog each day and following your China trip. And, I so appreciate you delivering our pictures and letter to the orphanage.

Maps of China said...

Nothing is sweeter than a child in new pajamas! I'm enjoying seeing all your photos!

The Raudenbush Family said...

Beautiful pictures and a beautiful little girl! Congrats!